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May I introduce to you Tim Arbisi! The Piano Doctor!” the most amazing piano tuner in the whole world! I love this guy! My piano is like brand new! Words can not fully define this man’s talent! I am so happy! If you need his assistance call 706-833-4164!


It's been decades since this piano was tuned. Tim has it sounding great! Thank you! Ryan will surely be excited to play it!


Tim is without a doubt the best piano tuner in the business. He's friendly, professional and also entertaining. We will be his customer for life!


I just had my piano tuned by Tim Arbisi, The Piano Doctor!! I highly recommend him to all of my piano friends! He brought it back to life!!


finally got my piano tuned and can play again:) apparently piano tuners are hard to find these days so if anyone needs one Tim Arbisi The Piano Doctor is your guy!

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Had my piano tuned by Tim Arbisi today. Highly recommend Tim!


Great piano tuning experience! Tim Arbisi was super knowledgeable and came highly recommended! Thanks The Piano Doctor! Need your piano tuned, reach out, he travels beyond Georgia.


My beautiful piano is now tuned to perfection by an amazing “piano doctor” … (that is Italian and wore great shoes )

12.28.23 d.jpg

A dying breed, apparently- catch him if you can


I don’t know if you’ve had anyone tune your piano, lately, but they’re hard to come by! Tim was kind, professional and personable. Not to mention, tuning and repairing our piano was very reasonably priced.

I’m not exaggerating when I say the piano has never sounded better than when Tim serviced it. 10/10 recommend.


A big shout out to Tim Arbisi for always keeping our piano in perfect Tune! If you haven’t had your piano tuned lately, Tim is your guy.


We were beyond blessed to have been given a gorgeous piano this past weekend. It needed quite a bit of work to get her back in tune, but Tim Arbisi was able to do it!! After 2 hours of work and several key adjustments, our piano is back to sounding good as new! I could not recommend The Piano Doctor more if you are needing piano repairs and tuning!


Cory got me the best birthday present ever. After 2 years my piano is tuned by the great Tim Arbisi 100% recommend him to come tune or fix your piano!


Time to tune the piano. Tim, the piano doctor is here, working his magic on my piano.


This freshly tuned piano sounds so much better thanks to Tim, The Piano Doctor, and his musical skills. We highly recommend him if your instrument needs a checkup!


Tim tuning the piano while his beard grows out!


I'm FINALLY getting my piano tuned!! I'm so excited!!! THE PIANO DOCTOR is here today!

TIM ARBISI is GREAT! He is so knowledgeable! The piano is going to sound beautiful!! I highly recommend THE PIANO DOCTOR!!



We recommend The Piano Doctor for your tuning needs! Amazing job with a difficult patient. Thank you, Tim!


Getting our family piano tuned today. This Kimball upright has been with me longer than any other person or item in our home. (Got it when I was 6 years old.) I may be putting it up for sale soon, if any friends are looking to add a piano to your home this one is well maintained. Thanks to Tim Arbisi for his great tuning skills over the years!


Tim is tuning my piano today - great guy - awesome stories - amazing piano tuner!!

Highly recommend!!


Another trip around the sun and the Piano Doctor, Tim Arbisi, is back for the annual piano tuning. Give him a call if it is time to tune your piano . You won’t be disappointed.


Wheew! Our piano at church needed Tim Arbisi way more than we thought. Give him a call for all your piano needs!


Tim Arbisi did a great job tuning my 1890s upright grand piano that’s I’ve had since a kid. He got it back to sounding beautiful again! Highly recommend for piano tuning and repair. Pretty cool to see “guts”


Tim Arbisi The Piano Doctor is in the house! If you need your piano tuned, 10/10 recommendation for this guy!


Tim Arbisi The Piano Doctor making a visit this morning to make sure Larkins piano stays in good shape If you need a piano tuner he's the one to call


Thank you SO MUCH to the Piano Doctor Tim Arbisi for coming out and tuning this beauty for me! He was recommended to me and I can't recommend him enough to get your piano sounding beautiful again!


Recommend my piano tuning man- the piano doctor. Great service and price


Had my piano tuned! Sounds great! Thank you


Our 100 year old Haines Bros. piano got some MUCH needed TLC from The Piano Doctor. We highly recommend him. Thank you, Tim Arbisi


Tim Arbisi is tuning my piano today. I recommend him! The Piano Doctor.


Just had my piano tuned by the greatest tuner in the world If your piano needs some care, this is the guy to call. Thanks again Piano Doctor!


Thanks to Tim Arbisi AKA The Piano doctor for bringing our Bergmann piano back to life!

If anyone needs work done to their piano Tim is the guy.


Tim Arbisi came to the house to tune our 100 year old + piano and did great job. I would strongly recommend him to anyone who needs a piano tuned in Jacksonville. Tim is the best piano doctor out there!


While we were still in California my mom bought a piano here in South Carolina. We finally got it tuned today by Tim Arbisi the piano doctor. I 100% recommend him, and he travels to different states. Also learned our piano is a parlor grand piano, I think I should start learning to play now.


Thank you, Tim Arbisi for tuning my piano today! Highly recommend him if you need your piano tuned!


The Piano Doctor made a visit yesterday!! Woo hoo! The patient is back in tune for another year. If you haven’t had your piano tuned in a while, I highly recommend Tim Arbisi!


I have the privilege of maintaining my mother’s piano that her Aunt Thelma gave her in 1954 and my husband Brian Caughman enjoys playing it. Thank you Tim Arbisi for tuning it every year. I highly recommend Tim The Piano Doctor!


We were beyond blessed to have been given a gorgeous piano this past weekend. It needed quite a bit of work to get her back in tune, but Tim Arbisi was able to do it!! After 2 hours of work and several key adjustments, our piano is back to sounding good as new! I could not recommend The Piano Doctor more if you are needing piano repairs and tuning!

PD 7.11.23g.jpg

The Piano Doctor, Tim Arbisi, made my piano sound brand new!!! I’m so happy!!

PD 7.11.23h.jpg

G will be happy to hear that his piano’s been tuned!

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We Highly Recommend The Piano Doctor! We Appreciate What You Do!

-Knowles Chapel United Methodist Church

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Our favorite piano doctor comes yearly to service Kalisa's and Mommie's Baby Grand. We never have to call Mr. Tim, he arrives like clock work just how he and Mommie arranged. If you are ever in need of an excellent piano tuner and servicing, he's the best, Tim Arbisi.

PD 7.11.23f.jpg

Look who's in the house today!! So interesting talking to THE Piano Doctor Tim Arbisi!! And Spartanburg friends-- he travels... if a few folks need to get their pianos tuned!

-Jennie Montgomery

PD 7.11.23e.jpg

The Piano Doctor is here tuning her up!

-Judy Mitchell West

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Is your piano a little off , out of tune, way out of tune or just needs a little tlc? Finding a Piano tuner may be a task . Look no further , Tim Arbisi has been tuning our piano for years,as well as our grandparents pianos. We couldn’t think of anyone else nicer, accommodating and willing to travel to help keep Pianos everywhere sounding their best . Spread the word and let’s keep music flowing .

— with Tim Arbisi.

-Jaimie Lindell Sullivan

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If you need your piano tuned we highly recommend Tim Arbisi, The Piano Doctor!

He gave our piano some much needed love and she sounds great!

Pd 3.11.23.jpg

Meet Tim Arbisi, the Piano Dr! He brought our piano back to life 5 years ago and comes once a year to keep it in tune! We highly recommend him if you need your piano tuned!

-Larry Kari Anderson

PD 7.11.23d.jpg

Tremendously happy to have ‘beauty emanate from the keys’ again - highly recommend this talented person for the best in piano tuning- thank you, Tim Arbisi, The Piano Doctor 

PD 7.11_edited.jpg

The wonderful “Piano Doctor” tuning the first of three. Such an ear! And ….he wears fabulous shoes!

-Donna Londino


Thanks to Tim (Piano Doctor) Kennedy now knows how her instrument works. Such a great experience for her and to learn how to properly care for piano.

-Molly E Davis


Mr Tim Arbisi The Piano Doctor is in town & just tuned my piano! It sounds fantastique now will see you next year!Thank you so very much!

PD 7.11.23b.jpg

Thanks to Tim Arbisi, The Piano Doctor, for getting both of my pianos tuned and getting the clicking out of the lower E key, it was driving me up the wall! Call this man for anything you need with a piano! They both sounds perfect now!!

pd 4.4.23b.jpg

Thanks The Piano Doctor for tuning our piano today!

-Ann Baumgarten


Our favorite piano guy is here today!! The pups are very interested.


Yearly piano tuning, for her age she is doing well. Thank you Tim Arbisi. Highly recommend!


Bought an autoharp from an online auction and it was shipped with the strings loosened (36 strings yikes!). The Piano Doctor ( Tim Arbisi) tuned it up and it sounds beautiful!! Highly recommend!!


My favorite piano tuner, Tim Arbisi, the Piano Doctor himself, paid a visit today, and worked his magic on my black beauty. He is so pleasant, and so funny, his side hustle could be stand up comedian. I highly recommend him!


Thanks to Tim Arbisi for getting my new and exciting hobby up and sounding fantastic....Toby the dog likes it too


If you need your piano tuned, let me recommend Tim Arbisi! I’ve never seen one tuned before but I learned a lot! Now I can’t blame those “off notes” on the piano.

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Here's my terrific piano guy - ready to tune as he's been doing every year for the past 11 ! We love having him here - he tunes mostly by ear and plays in a local band. Good guy, great tuner, very dependable - highly recommended!

-Linda Manka


Tim has been tuning my 60 year old piano for 10 years now. I highly recommend Tim. My piano had never sounded better.


Had my annual checkup from The Piano Doctor yesterday. Tim Arbisi does a wonderful job. Message him if you need to your piano tuned.

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I haven't had my piano tuned in 5 years and I didn't realize how bad it was. Thankfully, Tim, The Piano Doctor, was able to come and tune it for me. I highly recommend him! Kaylee learned a lot about pianos and tuning them.


Tim Arbisi aka The Piano Doctor did a great job giving our piano its annual tuning today. He knows pianos, travels all over the south and beyond, and is a nice guy, too. I highly recommend him for all things piano-related!

-Evelyn S. Holland

PD 4.17.23a.jpg

Great to have my old friend Tim Arbisi in town to tune the piano and get it ready for its 100th birthday later this year.

pd 4.4.23e.jpg

Finally found The Piano Doctor! Highly recommend if you need a tune up!

-Lisa Gabriel Melton

PD 5.3.23a.jpg

Just had my piano tuned by The Piano Doctor. I would highly recommend Tim to keep your piano sounding wonderful!

pd 3.4_edited.png

To all who have pianos that need tuning the man in the picture is Tim Arbisi... he comes and tunes my mother's piano once a year and will be the only one at that. Highly Recommend!

-Joelle James

PD 4.17.23e.jpg

Thank you Tim Arbisi for getting my piano back in shape. We moved recently and the movers were so rough with it, it was all over the place. So happy he was in the Jacksonville area doing piano tunings and was able to get to mine. He’s always been so great with my piano and I’m so glad I didn’t have to switch tuners. If you need a tuner he’s the best!

-Carolann Ambs Wedlund

PD 3.16.23.jpg

Tim Arbisi has been tuning my piano ever since I inherited it from my mom. If you need a piano tuned, I highly recommend giving Tim a call!

-Pat Curry

pd 3.1_edited.jpg

Highly recommended if you need your piano tuned. The Piano Doctor - Tim Arbisi.

-Elizabeth Camputaro

pd 3.1_edited.jpg

Piano tuning day! Thank you Tim Arbisi

-Leslie Seremak

PD 4_edited.jpg

Tim Arbisi tunes our piano every year. He can come to you! He told me today he has expanded his travel piano tuning business to eight states!

pd 2.21.23 d.jpg

Having piano tuned and Tim is doing a great job!

-John Fawcett

pd 3.16_edited.png

Tuning up for the Masters with the best piano tuner in town. Thanks Tim Arbisi!

PD 4.17.23d.jpg

Thanks so much to Tim for the conversation, education, and...oh yeah, getting my pianos tuned! 10/10 would recommend

pd 2.21.23a.jpg

James is having a blast watching Tim Arbisi tune our piano.

-Erinne Blackwell


Thanks to my Piano Doctor Tim Arbisi Mutti's piano is back in perfect tune. Can't believe the acoustics in my entryway!

— feeling thankful.

PD 4.17.23b.jpg

Need your piano tuned let my friend Tim do the job. He has been tuning my piano for 6 years. He awesome.

-Wanda Dailey

pd 2.21_edited.jpg

Great job, Tim! Thank you for tuning my piano...very pleased! I highly recommend his services!

-Nicholson Williams

pd 2.11.23 f.jpg

Thank you for tending to our piano. Much needed tuning!

Thank you, the Piano Doctor!

-Flo Eliuk Holford

pd 2.11.23 e.jpg

Best piano doctor around! Call Tim for any piano needs!

-April Riggs

pd 2.11.23 d.jpg

Tim Arbisi my piano tuner was here today and got my piano sounding great again highly recommended

pd 12.11.23 c.jpg

If you are looking for a great piano tuner, this is your guy! Meet Tim Arbisi aka The Piano Doctor. I found him on Facebook and am so glad I did. He is knowledgeable, professional and has a great personality. My piano was sooooo out of tune after our move, but now it is wonderfully back in tune.

You can find him at He is out of Augusta and travels all over. I am already set up for an appointment next year for a tune-up!

-Robin McDaniel Patton

pd 2.11.23 b.jpg

This is Tim Piano Doc and he tunes pianos and he just came over to tune our piano. Always does a great job! If you need your piano tuned call Tim.

pd 2.11.23 a.jpg

Had a visit from the the piano doctor today! No excuse not to practice piano now!

pd 2.11.23.jpg

Finally getting the piano tuned. Highly recommend using The Piano Doctor!

-Cricket Elam

fb 2.11.23.jpg

Shoutout to Tim Arbisi for tuning our 1956 piano that was Taylor’s grandmothers! If you need a piano tuner, he is local and travels

-Carlie Vowell

PD 5.3_edited.jpg

Thank you to Tim Arbisi a.k.a. The Piano Doctor for doing a phenomenal job of tuning our very old spinet. It sounds amazing! Would highly recommend you to anyone needing this service.

Pd 2023 7.jpg

A big thanks to Tim Arbisi for tuning our piano on VERY short notice. I would highly recommend his services!

-Sara Neal Lokey

PD 2023 6.jpg

Just had my annual visit from Tim Arbisi

-Brooke Carson Hallman

pd 2023 5.jpg

Piano tuning today with Tim (The Piano Doctor). He does a fantastic job and also loves dogs!

-Bodell Miller

pd 4.17.23c.jpg

Getting my yearly piano tuning by the fabulous Piano Doctor Tim Arbisi!! I highly recommend his services if you’re ever in need!

pd 2023 4.jpg

So happy this guy was available today! The Piano Doctor is tuning our 102 year old piano! Thankful this old piano will live to play on with another generation!

-Stacie Buckley

Pd 2023 3.jpg

Piano tuning done for another year! Thanks, Tim Arbisi

-Hadley White Coble

PD 2023 2.jpg

Got our piano tuned this week after probably 25 years! Now Tanner has a place to practice! If you need your piano tuned give Tim a call (The Piano Doctor). He did a great job and I really enjoyed our conversation during the process!

-Ellen Harbin Segraves

PD 2023 1.jpg

I have not had my piano tuned in 20 years! Thanks Tim Arbisi for tuning it for me! Contact Tim (The Piano Doctor) if your piano needs tuning.

-Debbie Peterson Register

pd 9.26.22c.jpg

Just had my piano tuned, and I am very happy. He even took some time to educate one of my students on the inside workings of the piano! Highly recommend Tim Arbisi (aka The Piano Doctor). He also has one heck of a bee story!

-Kari Hudson Callaway

pd 9.26.22 b.jpg

The Piano Doctor made a house call today! Tim Arbisi did an excellent job of tuning our piano. Tim actually makes house calls across the country so I feel fortunate that we have him in Augusta. Keep your pianos tuned!

— with Tim Arbisi.

-Nancy Edman Wahl

PD 9.26.22 a.jpg

When The Piano Doctor tells you your toddler is crying in b flat. so funny to me. Thanks for the tune and jokes Tim Arbisi

-Roxanne Morgan Still


A good day for the Yamaha piano

-Maureen Lawrence

8.20.22 d.jpg

A little TLC goes a long way especially after we've come such a long way! (There are 12,000 moving parts in a piano.)

-Maestro & Mi Music Academy

8.20.22 c.jpg

It’s that time for a tune up! Thanks Tim!

-Rebecca Woods

8.20.22 a.jpg

The new to us piano is now tuned. Now the played (hopefully) will be music to our ears, literally. And not fingernails across a chalkboard.

Kristin Lee I promise to keep Emmy playing.

Thanks to Tim Arbisi for helping us out. Give The Piano Doctor a shout for your own piano needs.

-Wendy B Powell

PD 8.20.22.jpg

If y'all know anybody that is in need of tuning their piano, look no further. This is your man!! My Grand sounds like a Grand now!! Tim and I hit it off within 2 minutes of him being here. And by the time he left I felt like I was telling an old friend see ya later. But let me tell you when he finished tuning her and then he played her, I had tears!! My piano, that I've only had for 3 years and has been tuned when we got it has never sounded this good. I'm telling y'all, Tim is the man!!

-Royce Patch Smith


I want to say thanks to the best professional piano tuner that I know. He is amazingly gifted to create the perfect vibrations among notes, as well as, equal temperaments. My YAMAHA upright studio sounds amazing. I love the fluency of my morning scales. I am elated to know that whenever his services are needed, I can count on him. The Piano Doctor’s hands and ears are indeed gifts from God. I highly recommend Tim Arbisi. You will be glad that you did!

-Gale LeVon


@timarbisi is doing some great work on getting my granddads piano back in amazing shape 11/10 would recommend! #thepianodoctor

-Luke Crown


Finally having my piano tuned. Tim Arbisi has been tuning my mother’s piano for years and I highly recommend him.

-Erinne Blackwell


Today is an exciting day for me and my wife, one of my life dreams has come true today, my wife and I recently got a piano and today we are getting it professionally tuned by Tim Arbisi. Absolutely amazing and extremely knowledgeable. I deffinatly recommend Tim, ontime, professional and great personality. Can't wait to get on and play it,

-Aaron Hayman


Tim Arbisi Tim Arbisi is tuning our piano! Will be playing @ Lake Oconee Bistro tonight!

-Theresa Belton


Shout out to The Piano Doctor Tim for coming out to tune my mother’s piano for our family! It was always one of those things I was meaning to do! So glad I did! Extremely friendly (feels like I’ve known him forever), professional and knowledgeable. Highly recommended! Find The Piano Doctor on Facebook if interested!!

-Rachel Frost Starkey


Thank you to the Piano Doctor, Tim Arbisi, for coming to Princeton to tune our piano today. I recommend him for all your piano needs….he was knowledgeable, professional and friendly.

-Kathleen Marie


Thanks for our long overdue tune up! The kids are amazed at how much better the sound is.

-Christina Bradshaw


So glad to FINALLY get our piano tuned today! Tim Arbisi, The Piano Doctor was so knowledgeable and friendly. He did a great job and I certainly recommend him to anyone who needs their piano tuned. He even travels to Macon and other areas!

-Martha Kate Hall


After several moves our piano is finally getting some much needed love today! Thank you so much Tim Arbisi!!! I highly recommend him if your piano needs tuning.

-Susan Dannelly Jasani


We had “The Piano Doctor” out to the house today to tune our piano, which needed tuning badly, esp after two moves within 6 months of each other. It now sounds amazing! Thank you to Tim Arbisi for sharing your vast knowledge of pianos and for making our instrument sound great! If you’re in GA, SC, or any of the surrounding states, he is your guy.

-Bobbi Forrest


Finally got my Nana’s piano tuned after ALL these years!! Definitely recommend Tim Arbisi if you are in the market for some tuning to be done! Thanks The Piano Doctor!

-Brie Wells Tucker


Found a piano tuner!! You might not want to wait 20+ years between tunings. Thanks for fixing us up Tim Arbisi with @The Piano Doctor

-Jennifer Sprague Crow

3.6.22 6.jpg

Thanks Tim for keeping my piano in tip top tune!

-Lee Ann Carter

PD 3_edited.png

My new Doc. Tim Arbisi

My new/old piano sounds awesome. If anyone needs piano tuning this is the guy!

PD 3.6.22 4.jpg

Tim Arbisi has done a great job tuning this piano! He has gone above and beyond.

June 14, 2021 3_edited_edited.jpg

Getting the old girl in shape again, thanks to The Piano Doctor!

June 14, 2021 2_edited_edited.jpg

If anyone needs a piano tuned I would suggest The Piano Doctor (Tim Arbisi)! We found an upright player piano from the late 60’s/early 70’s and he made it sound great (no longer sounds like a saloon piano )

PD 3.66.22 3.jpg

It’s always a good day when the piano gets tuned! Luke loved watching the inner workings of the piano while he played.

Contact Tim Arbisi at The Piano Doctor for your piano tuning!

PD 3.6.22 2.jpg

I can honestly say I’ve never seen a piano tuned but today we got so much more when Tim Arbisi showed up. He was able to share with us the history of our piano and so much more.

If your piano is in need of tuning we highly recommend Tim (The Piano Doctor).

Tim 6.5.21 a.jpg

Finally getting the piano my mother left me tuned—a 1925 Chickering Concert Grand. I recommend Tim Arbisi, The Piano Doctor if you need a piano tuned.

— with Tim Arbisi.

Piano 3.30 1.jpg

The Piano Doctor

said that my grandfather’s piano is like a ‘67 Camaro. So neat to see all of her and know that she will sing beautifully again. Each time Tim visits, he graciously gives us a homeschool lesson on how pianos are constructed & how they should be taken care of. We definitely recommend Tim for taking care of your heirloom or new piano!

-Jean Powers Norris

Tim 2.14.21 a.jpg

Always a pleasure to see The Piano Doctor!!! If you have a piano I highly recommend him for tuning!! Thank you Tim! (Check out his cool shoes!!)

piano 3.30 2.jpg

Thanks to Tim Arbisi for tuning my long overdue piano. He was finally able to fix a key that other piano