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How does all this work and what's the cost?

How much does a new piano for a school cost? In 2015 the average price of a new classroom piano was $4,754.00.  For the cost of one new piano you can maintain a piano fleet of approximately 35 pianos!


Pianos have a lifespan of about 50 years in an institution before they have to be replaced if their maintained properly.  Unfortunately most pianos in schools are left to be maintained by the current music teacher and that schools budget.  As we all know, budgets are tight and servicing an instrument is not an immediate need that will get pushed down the priority ladder.  This scenario plays out every day with music teachers being under appreciated and sometimes having to pay for service to the instrument that's provided for them out of their own pocket!


That's where TPD team of School System Specialists step in and work with local budgets to make it affordable and feasible.


The cost is determined by the work that needs to be done.  Number of schools, number of pianos, time since last service, repairs needed and appraisals done.


If your school needs help, click the button below and a blank email will pop up addressed to The Piano Doctor.  Just provide your name to start a conversation about how we can help you with your piano needs.





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