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Would you give to help the piano in your church?  


You're not alone...



Every piano needs to be tuned a minimum of once a year due to normal fluctuations in humidity and temperature.  Playing or not playing the piano has little to do with the overall stability of the instrument.  Annual maintenance is a must however, having the piano tuned is last in the budget for the church.


In 2014 less then 19% of all churches across the U.S. had annual service done to their pianos.  The reason stated was because concerned church members who were not in the “music ministry” did not want to risk upsetting the political or power structure of the church by suggesting or scheduling to have the piano tuned.


 This the inspiration for the Musical Angels concept.


First know that your gift is being made anonymously, completely anonymously.  No one in the church will know who gave the gift of having the piano serviced.  


One of our Church Experts will reach out to your church administration and find whomever is in charge of the piano.  Don’t worry if you don’t know who takes care of the piano in the church, we will find the right person.  The gift will be explained and an appointment will be set for some time in the next 30 days.  If the piano has been recently tuned then the appointment will be set up on the next annual date in the future.



Tuning a piano in a church is going to cost between $100-$200 depending on the condition.  


You pay $75 when the gift is purchased.  After the piano has been scheduled and serviced, a statement with the final balance will be sent to you.  Remember this is a gift to the church but is not tax deductible…The lawyers make us say that :)


It’s that simple and the reason why 47 people last year donated a piano tuning to their church using the Musical Angels program.


Click the box below to send an email and start a conversation about having your church piano tuned/ serviced and don't forget to include your name and the name of your church.

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