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If you have a piano need, we have the solution...


The Piano Doctor offers services for a wide variety of issues you may encounter with your piano, organ or keyboard. If you don't see your particular need listed below, please feel free to CONTACT US and we'll help you find an answer to your question! We're here to help...

  • Basic piano tuning for any make or style of piano


  • String Replacement


  • Voicing the piano (hammer reshaping, brightening or muting the tone of your piano to your preferences)



  • Local or Long Distance piano moving by bonded and insured piano movers.


  • Disassembling, wrapping, padding and loading of your piano into our moving truck and reassembling and set up your piano in your new home.  We can also load your piano into' your personal rental moving truck for long distance moves. Helping you find a professional piano service comapany at the other end of your journey to unload is avaiable. 

  • If you have broken pins, loose, missing or broken strings, worn-out hammers or malfunctioning pedals, we can get your piano back in beautiful playing condition.


  • We install Digital Player Systems on your piano, so that you can enjoy your own private concerts and the music that you love, anytime.


  • We can provide for the full restoration of your piano cabinet, along with the repair or replacement of any of your piano's 12,000 moving parts! Refinish your family heirloom and enjoy its beauty now...and ensure its value for years to come.

  • So many people are enjoying the digital age of music. Don't let a loose wire or a broken button stop you from enjoying your digital piano or keyboard. 


  • If you have an organ in your home or church that isn't performing like it should, call us today. 


  • If your digital piano, keyboard or organ has mysteriously stopped working, call us today to diagnose the problem.

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