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Hi I'm Tim Arbisi, The Piano Doctor. I've been involved with music for the last 30 years and my love of music has brought me to where God can use me best.

A Veteran and father of two great kids, Morgan 14 and Gavin 8.  Married for 16 years to my beautiful bride Nickie and based in Augusta, GA


We also Love Dogs and had two; Doc Holiday Arbisi (2003-2017 R.I.P.) who had a full on Napoleonic attitude and Chloe' Bell Arbisi who is the sweetest grey matter challenged dog we've ever had the pleasure of raising.  In May 2017 we adopted Grady Arbisi "The Grey Ghost" Weimaraner.

Weather I'm meeting fascinating piano owners and their pets or working with professional symphonies and maintaining every piano in between, it's my business and my passion and I love it!

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