Help! My Piano is Too Loud!!!

Is your piano too loud?  Do you wish there was someway to turn down the volume? 

Introducing Premier Volume Service

A piano is a percussive instrument which is why it's in the drum family and not the string family.  It's been the same complaint for 160 years...Some pianos can be too loud for the room or home where they're located.

New for 2019 The Piano Doctor has developed a process called

Premier Volume Service to diminish the volume on your piano.

It's a three step process, here's how it works...

 First appointment is to determine the volume and measure the Decibels coming from the piano.

The second appointment is to install the system.

Third appointment is to make sure everything is working properly and the volume is at an acceptable level.

If you need help with your piano volume click the button to start a conversation with us on how we can help you.

Smiles all around when the piano is at the right volume

Disclaimer  - We use technical equipment to measure the volume at different parts around the piano in your home.  The goal is to make the piano softer and quieter not mute.  Then after we install the system we check again to make sure the volume level has decreased as much as possible. We can not guarantee that the piano will be quiet enough for you but by the measurements taken before hand it will show the amount of volume decreased technically.