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Upright or Baby Grand?

Upright is the most common
and range in price from free to 5k for a used one and to 9k for a new one.
A baby grand is always more expensive.  Used will be 3k-15k, new is 6k-25k+
Baby grand pianos come in different sizes of length.  Every piano is 60 inches wide give or take an inch because of standard size keys.  However, a baby grand start at 4’9’’ in length and goes to 5’3’’ from there they expand in 3-4 inch increments until you get to 6’ in length and are just called grands, not a baby grand.  At 6’ the piano is considered a parlor grand, at 7’ it’s a Semi Concert grand and at 9’ it’s considered a full Concert grand.  Concert grands can cost 130K+
Baby grands have the best chance of resale as anyone that plays a piano would love a baby grand.


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