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Pd 2023 7.jpg

A big thanks to Tim Arbisi for tuning our piano on VERY short notice. I would highly recommend his services!

PD 2023 6.jpg

Just had my annual visit from Tim Arbisi

pd 2023 5.jpg

Piano tuning today with Tim (The Piano Doctor). He does a fantastic job and also loves dogs!

pd 2023 4.jpg

So happy this guy was available today! The Piano Doctor is tuning our 102 year old piano! Thankful this old piano will live to play on with another generation!

Pd 2023 3.jpg

Piano tuning done for another year! Thanks, Tim Arbisi

PD 2023 2.jpg

Got our piano tuned this week after probably 25 years! Now Tanner has a place to practice! If you need your piano tuned give Tim a call (The Piano Doctor). He did a great job and I really enjoyed our conversation during the process!

PD 2023 1.jpg

I have not had my piano tuned in 20 years! Thanks Tim Arbisi for tuning it for me! Contact Tim (The Piano Doctor) if your piano needs tuning.

pd 9.26.22c.jpg

Just had my piano tuned, and I am very happy. He even took some time to educate one of my students on the inside workings of the piano! Highly recommend Tim Arbisi (aka The Piano Doctor). He also has one heck of a bee story!

pd 9.26.22 b.jpg

The Piano Doctor made a house call today! Tim Arbisi did an excellent job of tuning our piano. Tim actually makes house calls across the country so I feel fortunate that we have him in Augusta. Keep your pianos tuned!

— with Tim Arbisi.

PD 9.26.22 a.jpg

When The Piano Doctor tells you your toddler is crying in b flat. so funny to me. Thanks for the tune and jokes Tim Arbisi


A good day for the Yamaha piano

8.20.22 d.jpg

A little TLC goes a long way especially after we've come such a long way! (There are 12,000 moving parts in a piano.)

8.20.22 c.jpg

It’s that time for a tune up! Thanks Tim!

8.20.22 a.jpg

The new to us piano is now tuned. Now the played (hopefully) will be music to our ears, literally. And not fingernails across a chalkboard.

Kristin Lee I promise to keep Emmy playing.

Thanks to Tim Arbisi for helping us out. Give The Piano Doctor a shout for your own piano needs.

PD 8.20.22.jpg

If y'all know anybody that is in need of tuning their piano, look no further. This is your man!! My Grand sounds like a Grand now!! Tim and I hit it off within 2 minutes of him being here. And by the time he left I felt like I was telling an old friend see ya later. But let me tell you when he finished tuning her and then he played her, I had tears!! My piano, that I've only had for 3 years and has been tuned when we got it has never sounded this good. I'm telling y'all, Tim is the man!!


I want to say thanks to the best professional piano tuner that I know. He is amazingly gifted to create the perfect vibrations among notes, as well as, equal temperaments. My YAMAHA upright studio sounds amazing. I love the fluency of my morning scales. I am elated to know that whenever his services are needed, I can count on him. The Piano Doctor’s hands and ears are indeed gifts from God. I highly recommend Tim Arbisi. You will be glad that you did!


@timarbisi is doing some great work on getting my granddads piano back in amazing shape 11/10 would recommend! #thepianodoctor


Finally having my piano tuned. Tim Arbisi has been tuning my mother’s piano for years and I highly recommend him.


Today is an exciting day for me and my wife, one of my life dreams has come true today, my wife and I recently got a piano and today we are getting it professionally tuned by Tim Arbisi. Absolutely amazing and extremely knowledgeable. I deffinatly recommend Tim, ontime, professional and great personality. Can't wait to get on and play it,


Tim Arbisi Tim Arbisi is tuning our piano! Will be playing @ Lake Oconee Bistro tonight!


Shout out to The Piano Doctor Tim for coming out to tune my mother’s piano for our family! It was always one of those things I was meaning to do! So glad I did! Extremely friendly (feels like I’ve known him forever), professional and knowledgeable. Highly recommended! Find The Piano Doctor on Facebook if interested!!


Thank you to the Piano Doctor, Tim Arbisi, for coming to Princeton to tune our piano today. I recommend him for all your piano needs….he was knowledgeable, professional and friendly.


Thanks for our long overdue tune up! The kids are amazed at how much better the sound is.


So glad to FINALLY get our piano tuned today! Tim Arbisi, The Piano Doctor was so knowledgeable and friendly. He did a great job and I certainly recommend him to anyone who needs their piano tuned. He even travels to Macon and other areas!


After several moves our piano is finally getting some much needed love today! Thank you so much Tim Arbisi!!! I highly recommend him if your piano needs tuning.


We had “The Piano Doctor” out to the house today to tune our piano, which needed tuning badly, esp after two moves within 6 months of each other. It now sounds amazing! Thank you to Tim Arbisi for sharing your vast knowledge of pianos and for making our instrument sound great! If you’re in GA, SC, or any of the surrounding states, he is your guy.


Finally got my Nana’s piano tuned after ALL these years!! Definitely recommend Tim Arbisi if you are in the market for some tuning to be done! Thanks The Piano Doctor!


Found a piano tuner!! You might not want to wait 20+ years between tunings. Thanks for fixing us up Tim Arbisi with @The Piano Doctor

3.6.22 6.jpg

Thanks Tim for keeping my piano in tip top tune!

PD 3_edited.png

My new Doc. Tim Arbisi

My new/old piano sounds awesome. If anyone needs piano tuning this is the guy!

PD 3.6.22 4.jpg

Tim Arbisi has done a great job tuning this piano! He has gone above and beyond.

June 14, 2021 3_edited_edited.jpg

Getting the old girl in shape again, thanks to The Piano Doctor!

June 14, 2021 2_edited_edited.jpg

If anyone needs a piano tuned I would suggest The Piano Doctor (Tim Arbisi)! We found an upright player piano from the late 60’s/early 70’s and he made it sound great (no longer sounds like a saloon piano )

PD 3.66.22 3.jpg

It’s always a good day when the piano gets tuned! Luke loved watching the inner workings of the piano while he played.

Contact Tim Arbisi at The Piano Doctor for your piano tuning!

PD 3.6.22 2.jpg

I can honestly say I’ve never seen a piano tuned but today we got so much more when Tim Arbisi showed up. He was able to share with us the history of our piano and so much more.

If your piano is in need of tuning we highly recommend Tim (The Piano Doctor).

Tim 6.5.21 a.jpg

Finally getting the piano my mother left me tuned—a 1925 Chickering Concert Grand. I recommend Tim Arbisi, The Piano Doctor if you need a piano tuned.

— with Tim Arbisi.

Piano 3.30 1.jpg

The Piano Doctor

said that my grandfather’s piano is like a ‘67 Camaro. So neat to see all of her and know that she will sing beautifully again. Each time Tim visits, he graciously gives us a homeschool lesson on how pianos are constructed & how they should be taken care of. We definitely recommend Tim for taking care of your heirloom or new piano!

Tim 2.14.21 a.jpg

Always a pleasure to see The Piano Doctor!!! If you have a piano I highly recommend him for tuning!! Thank you Tim! (Check out his cool shoes!!)

piano 3.30 2.jpg

Thanks to Tim Arbisi for tuning my long overdue piano. He was finally able to fix a key that other piano tuners couldn’t figure out. If you need a good piano tuner, give him a call. He’s the best!

piano 3.30 3.jpg

Thank you Tim Arbisi

for tuning our piano! It now sounds amazing, highly recommend him—

The Piano Doctor

piano 3.30 4.jpg

Your piano need some love? highly recommend

Tim Arbisi

. Great work, good conversation, and awesome shoes.

piano 3.30 5.jpg

Finally getting the piano my mother left me tuned—a 1925 Chickering Concert Grand. I recommend Tim Arbisi, The Piano Doctor if you need a piano tuned.

Tim 2.14.21 2.jpg

If you need a piano tuned call the piano doctor .

Tim Arbisi

He drove up from Augusta today to Lake Oconee to take care of it great job thank you Tim!

Tim 2.14.21 3.jpg

Been needing this lovely lady tuned for a while...I made one call well text to The Piano Doctor

Tim Arbisi

... and she sounds amazing... no more harpsichord

I highly recommend

The Piano Doctor

Tim 2.14.21 4.jpg

Having my piano tuned. He is great, does a wonderful job. I would recommend him to anyone.His name is Tim Arbisi. Piano dr. Usa. Find him online.

Tim 2.14.21 5.jpg

Finally getting my piano tuned! Boy was it off! Thanks, Tim

-Linda Greene Bridgmon

Tim 2.14.21 6.jpg

It’s been a little while since I had my piano tuned, time just kept slipping on by. Tim came recommended by many on Connect Augusta and now I am recommending him for anyone out there that needs their piano taken good care of! (He also wears really cool shoes!) Dont wait any longer, connect with Tim and make an appointment.

Tim 2.14.21 7.jpg

Tim Arbisi

The Piano Doctor

is helping my poor sad piano get happy today! Very excited. 10/10 would recommend.

-Holly Wilson

Tim 2.14.21 8.jpg

Thank you Tim Arbisi The Piano Doctor for getting our very out of tune piano back in tune! I highly recommend if your piano needs to be tuned.

Tim 1.jpg

I highly recommend Tim Arbisi as a piano tuner! So much fun, so knowledgeable, and did a fabulous job on our two pianos.

-Marie-Beth Cheezem

tim 5.jpg

We finally got our piano tuned today after about 6 years and several cross country moves. We’ve been playing it daily anyway...but it’s great to have it sound beautiful again! Plus, the kids got a bonus homeschool lesson (still in their pjs )! Did you know a piano has 88 keys and 223 strings? Well, now you do. Thank you Tim

The Piano Doctor

, you are so fun and knowledgeable!

tim 3.jpg

A big thanks toThe Piano Doctor

for keeping my piano sounding great!! And an even bigger thanks for teaching Jade some new chords to play so that we don’t hear the same ones over and over and over again


Thanks to Tim

The Piano Doctor

for becoming our unwitting homeschool teacher. He came to tune the piano and ended up answering at least 400 questions, tuned a toy guitar, and was much more patient than their current teacher . Plus, my piano sounds amazing!!

-Lindsay Johnson Durrant


Thanks Tim Arbisi for making our piano sound beautiful! And for the piano education!

Highly recommend the Piano Doctor

pd 9.1.20 beta 1.jpg

Thanks to Tim Arbisi, the Piano Doctor, for moving and perfectly tuning my piano. I have used Tim several times and would recommend him!

-Beth Britton Schaber

pd 9.10.20 beta 2.jpg

Such a pleasant experience. My piano sounds great! If you need your piano tuned, call Tim Arbisi!

pd 9.10.20 beta 3.jpg

FINALLY doing our piano some justice. Thank you.

-Melissa Powell-Williams


Finally getting our piano tuned!! Thank you The Piano Doctor!! Erik is SO excited!


Getting the piano tuned today! Tim Arbisi is doing a great job — I highly recommend him!

-Deborah Bowers

kieth davis.jpg

I bought another piano!! Its a 1951 Hamilton by Baldwin.Thanks toTim Arbisi it now sounds incredible!!  If you have a piano and the piano doctor (Tim Arbisi) isn't your technician, you're not hearing the instrument the way it was meant to be heard.

I can't say enough about this man's skill! Truly an artist!

Thanks Tim!


Quite possibly the best customer service call ever today. If you need a piano tuned I highly recommend Tim the piano doctor! Top notch!

-Sherri Chadbourne Rodriguez


My piano got some love today! We had it tuned for the first time since we brought it home (ehem—about 10 years ago ). It. Sounds. Amazing.  Tim Arbisi

did a great job. He also took the time to listen to Luke and Drew play AND taught Luke a little melody.

Need your piano tuned? I definitely recommend The Piano Doctor!


Tim Arbisi,

Thank you so much, Tim, for tuning my 1920's Otto Grau piano which originally was a player piano that my daughter (Kim) gave me.!

-Renee Ligon

review 1.jpg

"Highly recommend Tim! He did an awesome job and was super nice and had great conversation. Fixed the keys that were sticking and tuned it up perfectly! Thanks again Tim!"

review 7.jpg

Got my piano tuned today and It sounds amazing!! Got it in ‘78 and it has never been tuned!!!Thank you Piano Doctor!!! — 

-Shelley Johnson Britt

review 6.jpg

Great Grandma June would be so proud!!! Finally getting the piano tuned!!! I highly recommend Tim Arbisi The Piano Doctor!

review 4.jpg

I am honestly in awe of this man’s ability to make my piano sound the way it does. Tim have just left my house and I am sitting here by my piano going “wow, wow and wow”. I never knew my piano could sound this beautiful. To top it all up, Tim was personable and has a good sense of humor. You will not only get an excellent tuning of your piano, you will also be entertained by his personality. If you need your piano tuned, Tim is your guy. I highly recommend him. Thank you Tim.

-Sok Hwee Tay

review 10.jpg

She’s back in tune! I highly recommend the piano doctor! Good work and great conversation! — with Tim Arbisi.

review 11.jpg

Blessed to have this amazingly talented man tune our piano. Definitely recommend The Piano Doctor. Plus a great musician in all aspects. Check it out. — with Tim Arbisi

-Linda M. Briggs

review 14.jpg

Best piano tuner, thank you Tim Arbisi!

review 16.jpg

Thanks to my friend Tim Arbisi, aka The Piano Doctor, my piano sounds like a piano again! I recommend him if you need a tune up!

-Karen Beler

review 17.jpg

Great story!!! I got this guy’s name from a friend (thanks, Tracy Fiebiger). I kept thinking I recognized his name, Tim Arbisi. We just discovered he sold me my piano eleven plus years ago!!! Great guy!! If you need a piano tuned, let me know!!! He travels all over and can help my music friends from SC, GA, NC, and FL!!

review 18.jpg

Tim Arbisi, The Piano Doctor, doing what he does! Tuning my Yamaha piano, I highly recommend him!

-Theresa Randall

review 20.jpg

I highly recommend The Piano Doctor Tim Arbisi my Knabe piano is in perfect health, we are ready for Christmas!

review 31.jpg

I can Tuna Fish, but I can't Tuna Piano! Luckily, The Piano Doctor has me covered. Thank you Tim, for fixing my girl up, she sounds wonderful and needed that TLC! All my musical friends, Tim's schedule is piling up, but he is worth the wait, I recommend him over all others.(I have no idea why the picture is blotchy, operator error, I guarantee)

-Molly Trout

review 21.jpg

If you need your piano tuned, Tim Arbisi is great! He travels all over the southeast and beyond. He is a true artist in his work!

-Molly Trout

review 22.jpg

Always good to get the piano tuned. Even better catching up with an old friend. — with Tim Arbisi.

review 24.jpg

Ready for Piano lessons, the Piano Doctor was awesome! — with Tim Arbisi.

review 25.jpg

Tim Arbisi, The Piano Doctor, came to work on my old 1940’s baby grand today. It was long overdue. It sounds so much better! I was afraid it could not be tuned anymore. If you are looking for a piano tuner, he was great!

-Lisa Brickell Lillard

review 26.jpg

Getting Kaylee's piano done by the best. Highly recommend! — with Tim Arbisi.

review 27.jpg

-Lisa Goers Kendrick

review 34.jpg

Thank you to Tim Arbisi, The Piano Doctor, for making my piano sound so beautiful! He took extra time to make sure it was tuned just right. I highly recommend his work!

review 35.jpg

-Andi Brinley Kimbrough

reviews 1.1.jpg

Yeah!! Finally found a piano tuner!

He did a great job!

Thanks “Piano Doctor”!

PD 12.27.19.jpg

My mama bought Hannah an old but beautiful piano that needed a major tuning. Tim did a wonderful job and provided us with some history about our little piano. Sounds beautiful now! The Sherrods thank The Piano Doctor!

-DavidandSarah Sherrod

tim 12.jpg

The Piano Doctor, Tim is at my house! I had no idea piano keys were made of pine or that pianos and the possible repair of a piano could be prayed for! We shall see...maybe a piano soon for ELB!

Tim 13.jpg

Thanks to everyone who recommended The Piano Doctor. He does great work and you couldn’t ask for a friendlier guy! — with Tim Arbisi at Redemption Church.

-Zak Todd

tim 102.jpg

Getting the piano tuned today....even found some chalk inside! Ready for lessons to start next week! Thanks Tim!

tim piano 3.jpg

When the Piano Doctor comes gets the player piano option working, and shows me how you can take the innards out!!! Always a good time with Tim Arbisi ! Thanks for being the official tuner of LBC Middle School!!🤣

-Joyce Culp

piano march 24.jpg

Getting my piano tuned! Learning so much from Tim Arbisi. Thanks so much to Karen Gordon and Bethany Davis for telling me about him. I highly recommend him!

Momo 1.jpg

I finally got my piano moved & tuned. Thanks, Piano Doctor!

-April Rios

pianodoc 1.jpg

Had such a great experience! He was able to get my Great Aunts 70year old piano back into awesome condition! Thank you!

momo 2.jpg

Even a neglected piano can sound great again thanks to Tim Arbisi The Piano Doctor. Look him up to get playing and sounding good!

-Marcella Jones Jimenez

Church piano.jpg

So, this guy - Tim Arbisi, showed up for our annual piano tuning! Third year in a row; he shows up like clock work and he is a hoot! I thought it was normal to have a funny engaging piano tuner, apparently it is not. So, if you are interested in having your piano tuned, check him out! I spend every tuning, sitting down and chatting with him! Great people!

tim 35.jpg

Great customer service and would highly recommend to anyone! Thank you

-Chris Steinmeyer

tim 36.jpg

This man knows what’s up! Make sure to get your piano tuned just right!

Piano Doctor, LLC 2021

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