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Baby Grand Sitters Club Info


In most cases the piano is moved to a storage locker somewhere with the hopes that someone will buy it from there.  However to move a baby grand piano the legs have to come off and the piano is placed on it's side on a moving board.  If the piano isn't set back up in the storage locker by the moving company (which is an extra charge) it's still can't be shown to be sold.  The owner believes it's worth spending the money on a storage facility until the piano is sold and the sooner the better.  It’s just a matter of time before paying for the storage unit each month and gambling on a future profit dwindles as a priority and the piano is lost 9 times out of 10.

Here’s what we do…

First we have a data base of clients ready to "baby sit".

We move the piano out and move it into its babysitters home.

While in the home the babysitter is free to use the piano as much as they would like until it's adopted to it's new home.

Whats expected from the baby sitters?

Very little however you may end up with an exceptional buy on a nice grand piano.

The value of the piano will be determined before it’s brought from it's original home and agreed upon by the babysitter.  The cost will be displayed on this website as well as in advertising.  If no one purchases the piano after 6 months, the cost goes down 50%.  The cost will stay at 50% off for the next 6 months or until sold.  If no one buys the piano after one full year, the piano will be sold for 10% of the asking price to the baby sitter.  What the baby sitter is responsible for is buying the piano for 10% of the value. They now own the piano and delivery is free at that point.  They maybe interested in selling it themselves and purchasing anything for 10% of it's value is always a good place to start...Win/Win

What’s expected from the seller.

$750 Baby sitter fee which includes the removal of the piano, transport to next location.  Set up, dust, document, brush tune, inspect, evaluate, and post the listing and processing.

What’s expected from a buyer.

The cost plus delivery.  Local delivery is approx. $500

To the seller goes 75% of the sale

TPD gets 25% of the sale.

The babysitter may purchase the piano for 90% of the advertised price anytime within the first 30 days. A the 6 month mark then it’s 50% and then 10% after the one year mark.

Click the left link below to send us an email if your interested in becoming a Baby Sitter. Include your name and city where you currently live.

Click the right link below to send us an email if you have a piano that needs a new home.

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