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Welcome to
The Piano Doctor

Working for over 20 years in 600+ US Cities

Piano Hands
Three easy steps to have your piano tuned quickly...

You have the choice to schedule yourself online
(takes about 1 minute)
You can call/text
The Piano Doctor directly at
706.833.4164 and we can set up the  appointment for you.

Online or by phone
you will be asked the same three questions...

1. Do you have a piano? 2. Has it been over a year since it was tuned?
3. What day works best for you to have your piano serviced?

Schedule the day and time that works for you and we will confirm via email. Yes, it's that easy...

It's So Easy To Schedule!

"Tim is without a doubt the best piano tuner in the business" -Larry Jones

Piano Doctor, LLC 2024
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